i am self-managed

jaybrannan [at]

**please note that i receive a lot of email…i do love hearing from you, and i really appreciate the interest, the kind words, and the encouragement. i do my best to read & respond when i can, but unfortunately i just can’t respond to everything, and i often get 2-3 (or 6!) months behind. i’m only one person, with a ton of responsibilities and limited time/brain capacity. i’m sure you are very busy too, so i know you understand! :)

**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PHYSICAL MAIL: so look. i really appreciate those of you that want to send me gifts or letters through physical mail. unfortunately, i can’t afford to keep a P.O. Box (and don’t want to), and i don’t have a manager or agent office address where things can be sent. i REALLY appreciate the sentiment – i do. it’s very, very kind of you to think of me, but PLEASE DO NOT SEND OR DELIVER ANYTHING TO MY HOME. again – i appreciate the intention – but i will not open, read, consume, or keep any unsolicited physical mail or deliveries from people i don’t know. thank you again SO MUCH for thinking of me, and thank you for respecting this policy. :D

**definitely huge congratulations & my apologies, but i regret to inform you that i am unable to perform at your birthday party or wedding. milestones really are big accomplishments, and i certainly hope you have a meaningful and memorable event!